Analytics Insight presents the top cryptocurrency prices for December 23, 2021.

The cryptocurrency market shrugged off doubts initially when the concept of digital currencies was initiated. But now, global brands and institutions are preparing to install cryptocurrency units for enhanced transaction speeds and investment in digital currencies. Investors are treating cryptocurrencies as long-term investment assets and digital gold. The towering market caps, entry of new credible players in the crypto-space, and most importantly, the real-world possibilities hing…….

Most cryptocurrencies have pulled back sharply from their recent highs, meaning investors in those tokens are likely experiencing some negative emotions related to the balances in their crypto wallets.

In this video from Motley Fool Backstage Pass, recorded on Dec. 8, Fool analyst Bernd Schmid talks with contributor Jon Quast about how it could be some time before cryptocurrencies rebound back to their previous highs. And because of this, it’s important to understand how these painful financial events can affect your emotions and — if you’re …….

One bitcoin currently trades for just under $49,000, a stunning surge of 66% from January levels. But the top crypto is also down nearly 30% from its record high of almost $69,000 hit in November.

There is no denying that crypto has gone mainstream. The total value of all cryptocurrencies in circulation stands at more than $2.2 trillion, with bitcoin accounting for about $920 billion of that total.

Ethereum, or ether, is starting to close the gap, too. Ethereum, which is a popular crypto for the smart contracts and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that have taken the art and collectibles world…….

Buying cheap small caps in the hope that prices will rise is a strategy not restricted to stock market trading. Cryptocurrency investors are doing the same — parking their money in small-cap cryptos and praying for a windfall. But experts say this could be risky.

There are over 6,000 virtual currencies and tokens circulating around the world, and spotting a multi-bagger early on is near impossible, they say.

Much like in the stock market, the world of cryptocurrencies also has large-, mid- and small-cap coins and tokens.

A ‘small-cap crypto’, or ‘penny crypto’, is a c…….

It’s an icy December morning. You stop in your local coffee shop on the way to work to grab your usual morning brew.

The young barista tells you the total. You reach into your pocket and pull out a pile of gold coins and drop them in the barista’s hand.

How would they react? Bewildered, entertained, concerned?

What if I told you that in this lifetime, the reaction the barista would give to you handing them a five dollar bill will be equivalent to sliding over a stack of shiny doubloons?

At an event hosted by the Trulaske Business …….

A money changer counts Turkish lira banknotes at a currency exchange office in Ankara, Turkey September 27, 2021. REUTERS/Cagla Gurdogan

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RadioShack, the venerable retailer relaunched as an online-focused brand in 2020, now wants to chart a future as a cryptocurrency exchange. Earlier this week, the company announced RadioShack DeFi (short for “decentralized finance”), a market where people can swap newly announced RADIO tokens as an alternative to a centralized exchange like Coinbase. Moreover, RadioShack insists that it’s uniquely positioned to take cryptocurrency mainstream — claiming that “RadioShack, and RadioShack alone, can bridge the gap and ‘cross the chasm’ of mainstream usage for crypto…….

In recent years, the cryptocurrency space has become quite crowded. Gone are the days when just a few digital assets dominated the headlines. There are now over 8,000 different crypto assets, and new tokens join the fray all the time. Of course, the crypto market itself has already created tremendous wealth, rising 240% in the last year alone. But given the sheer volume — not to mention the hysteria around meme tokens like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin — it can be challenging to separate the good from the bad.

That being said, Cardano (CRYPTO:ADA) stands out from the pack. Not because o…….

Twitter’s cryptocurrency community presents a mostly united front against all challenges. But Jack Dorsey, a founder of Twitter and Square and a Bitcoin evangelist, just exposed a deep internal rift over the direction of crypto and pitted himself against some of the industry’s deepest-pocketed backers, the DealBook newsletter reports.

The fight is over Web3, the industry name for a blockchain-based internet that runs on crypto tokens. Supporters say it will democratize and decentralize commerce, finance, gaming and more. But …….

Cryptocurrency Update: Bitcoin on Wednesday, December 22, edged near the $50,000 mark days ahead of Christmas. This was the second consecutive day that the price of the world’s largest crypto coin, in terms of market value, rose after a days-long decline. The cryptocurrency market has in the recent weeks seen a slump due to rising threat of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 when traders stayed away from it. However, this week, that trend has seen a stop as the markets were back in green as the holiday season approached.

One unit …….