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December 27, 2022 by No Comments

HedgeUp ($HDUP) is a new player in the crypto world that enthusiasts are excited about. But why? There are over 12,000 cryptocurrencies, and hundreds of new ones are cropping up yearly. 

Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to be on top of the crypto game. Even in a highly volatile market, these two cryptocurrencies stand the test of time and stay ahead of the competition. They are not immune to the ebb and flow of token prices, but because of their long-running credibility, people are more comfortable investing in them. 

Those new to crypto also feel more confident with crypto companies with a positive reputation. 

How will HedgeUp even go against giants? Here are three reasons why you should invest:

1. HedgeUp Brings Freshness

One of the many rules in investment is to diversify your portfolio. HedgeUp is new and brings something fresh to the table, and its promising concept is highly encouraging. 

HedgeUp pre-selling began on December 19, 2022, priced at $0.90, with 620 million tokens up for grabs. The crypto is still so new there has yet to be an official launch date, but it already has a lineup of pre-launch activities spread out into eight stages. 

At every stage, the price of HedgeUp will go up. The sooner you invest, the more scope for gains. 

2. HedgeUp Provides Attractive Alternative Investments

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are complex concepts to grasp for some traditional investors. It’s why many investors who happily put their money into cash, stocks, and bonds, hesitate to invest in bitcoins and altcoins. 

With HedgeUp, investments are tangible and easy to grasp. One of the many offerings of the crypto company is fractional ownership of popular assets, such as luxury watches, diamonds, jewels, private jets, wines and whiskeys, and fine art. These are investments that traditionalists are more familiar with and more willing to spend on. 

The investment platform is HedgeUp LaunchPad, which gives community members access to established organizations seeking crowdfunding or retail adoption. Community members can also vote on the companies to support when they join the DAO. 

HedgeUp members need $HDUP, which provides liquidity in one’s investment basket, where they can store their diversified assets. 

3. HedgeUp Offers a Space for Learning

When you establish an investment vehicle, it’s also worthwhile to have an educated community. HedgeUp wants to help its community members become more adept with investing through an online masterclass …….

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