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Taking on more risk comes with a higher payoff. If you believe this, investing in cryptocurrencies is a good option. In light of their expanding popularity, it is only appropriate to consider some of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the coming year. However, before we go over the big cryptos, it’s important to note that investing in cryptos necessitates reading all of the paperwork and comprehending the technology underlying them. This will not only help you keep cool during a market move, but it will also teach you to be more risk-tolerant in the future. In today’s world, cryptocurrency is something people are investing a lot in. But all investments are to be safe so that their money remains safe and for that purpose, only the KEYS are allotted to every person who is investing or trading in cryptocurrency. There are a lot of websites that provide us the facility of buying and selling cryptocurrency and one such website is Blockchain Technology.

There are two types of KEYS, Public KEYS, and Private KEYS. It is an alphanumeric number that is generated just after a person creates his/her wallet for trading. To understand the difference between public and private keys, let’s take a small example, if a person wants to meet you then he must have two things:

  1. Your address and
  2. The reason why he wants to meet you.

So here your address is a public key that is available to everyone and the reason is the private key which is with some specific people with whom you have already done a transaction.

The work of private KEY is the passcode for any transaction done between any wallets and public KEY is the location of that wallet with whom you want your transaction to take place. It also secures the wallet of the miners.

An issue which people often encounter is they forget their passwords and addresses so for that a solution could be to note down all your passwords and keys in places like a notebook or a diary but in today’s fast world it is very hard to maintain things like that so for that there is a blockchain network which allows user to link a domain name to their address which makes it easy for them. Another problem that people face is when they trade in many cryptocurrencies. For every type of currency, they have to maintain a separate wallet and it becomes difficult for them to remember all the addresses and passwords, so for that, there are some smart keys, it is a technology …….



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