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A new year is almost upon us, making it a good time to delve into the predictions made for the price of Bitcoin (BTC) in 2022. Many predictions have been made, as the primary cryptocurrency is the one that drives the entire blockchain industry. As such, the attention of analysts has turned to BTC.

First, it is worth pointing out that this content is not intended to belittle the study of investors and traders who dedicate hours out of every day to analyze the entire market and bring predictions that guide the studies of less experienced investors.

This year the cryptocurrency market has experienced a moment never seen before with countries in conflict, massive increases in the U.S. interest rate, millionaire hackers and the crashes of major companies related to this market.

All of this caused a lot of capital to flow out of Bitcoin, helping the cryptocurrency go through corrections and have one of its worst years when it comes to market capitalization. With that in mind, check out the predictions below.

Bitcoin at $160,000 before end of 2022

That prediction was made by Celsius Network CEO Alex Mashinsky. In late January, the entrepreneur said that BTC was backed up to between $29,000 and $33,000. At the time, the cryptocurrency was trading at $38,000.

Mashinsky said that soon after BTC reached this bearish target, the cryptocurrency would take off to unprecedented levels and reach the $160,000 mark as early as 2022. As noted, this target was far from reality as BTC is still struggling for a New Year’s rally, failing to reach above $20,000 in the last week of this year.

Bitcoin at $102,000

In February, the analyst from the YouTube channel InvestAnswers made a video pointing out what we could expect for three cryptocurrencies in the coming months, and among them was BTC. To analyze the leading cryptocurrency on the market, the presenter used the chart of Forrest Przybysz, founder of CryptoStackers.

According to the analyst, Przybysz is very conservative in his estimates and believed that BTC would change hands at $102,000 this year. Furthermore, he stated that the average reversal line for the crypto was around $51,000.

While Bitcoin was trading at $37,700, the mark above $50,000 has not since been reached this year.

Bitcoin at $60,000 in May

This prediction was made by pseudonymous analyst Inmortal in March. He pointed out, via a chart, that BTC was heading toward the $60,000 target in the first half of 2022.

However, this prediction did not come true either and, in May, BTC traded between $37,800 and $31,900.

Bitcoin at $30,000

In July, the crypto …….



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