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December 18, 2021 by No Comments

Cryptocurrency is a form of virtual currency which is popular across the globe. It is something which is purchased by spending the fiat currency and getting the digital asset in the form of virtual currency. Now wherever the concept of fiat currency is introduced then the concept of taxation comes within it and it is very much important for a progressive government to collect taxes and maintain the balance of the currency flow in and out of the country. 

Whenever a transaction is made while purchasing a cryptocurrency it is the fiat currency which is used and whenever that fait currency is used the composition of tax is always there and as the value of the virtual currency is fluctuating so when a person is drawing out the money he has already investment so the person needs to pay taxes on it as well so it is very important for the government to look into the details of the transaction made so that they can keep a close look on the activities of the people who are trading in and out with the matters related to the cryptocurrency. 

As a general term, cryptocurrency refers to a group of digital assets which are stored, transferred, and generated with the help of blockchain technology and kept in digital lockers by using cryptography. Approximately 100 million people worldwide hold the famous and most widely accepted cryptocurrency Bitcoin. While traditional money is backed by the government as legal tender, cryptocurrency has not yet been recognized as legal tender by any country to deal with their day-to-day affairs. The nature of cryptocurrencies is decentralized, they are free from government control, and they are controlled by no one government. Because paper money is less volatile than cryptocurrency, some people prefer to invest in Fiat money over cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies and fiat money have only one thing in common: demand and supply directly determine their value.

It is very much agreed that the cryptocurrency is something which has developed in recent years and is giving a very high return on the investment which is very much evident from the records of the sale and purchase of the cryptocurrency which are available in the market and is a matter of research. Now the latter part of the confusion which is one of the prominent confusion in the mind of the investors that when the traditional form of investment is paying us well as the return on investment then why do we need to shift on to some …….



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