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Kim’s passion for cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the metaverse and decentralized finance (DeFi) kept growing. He developed a free 90-page beginners’ cryptocurrency guide, one of a few free resources on his Linktree. The Economics-Finance major began using Instagram to share cryptocurrency-related news updates and his opinions on the market. His internet persona “CryptoKimm” became a nickname in real life, too. On any given day, students would approach “CryptoKimm” around campus to ask him for advice or more information about his posts, intrigued by his perspective on cryptocurrency and blockchain.   

Kim and his roommate Fisher LeVasseur ’23 as avatars in Kim’s Oculus virtual reality headset.

“Those interactions – and the more than 20 messages I was receiving on Instagram every day – made me realize that other students shared my passion for learning about blockchain and cryptocurrency, too,” Kim recalls. “So I decided to organize a club that would bring together like-minded students. Less than a month later, the Bentley Blockchain Association, one of the first student-led blockchain groups in the nation, was born.”

Monir Jalili, assistant professor of Management, taught Kim in her Marketing and Operations Fundamentals course. Jalili said blockchain technology is being adopted in many areas of business, including accounting, finance, marketing, supply chain, law and others. When Kim asked her to join the Bentley Blockchain Association as an adviser, Jalili said it was a “no-brainer” and quickly agreed.

“Creating a space where business students can learn about this disruptive force of technology in the business world will be a great strategic asset for Bentley,” she said.

The Bentley Blockchain Association has partnered with some of the biggest blockchain nonprofit and academic groups, including think tank Boston Blockchain Association, The Blockchain Academy, Encode Club and Blockchain Education Network, a worldwide network of more than 500 universities. 

“Partnerships between the Bentley Blockchain Association and outside groups help educate and inspire others about a technology that could impact their future, both personally and professionally,” Kim says.

Last month, Kim’s passion for blockchain took him to London, where he co-hosted DeFi Live, a conference about the decentralized finance space. He organized and moderated panels on topics like working in crypto and privacy in the digital economy. Offered free to college students, the event was live-streamed to more than 2,000 virtual attendees, including Kim’s fellow Bentley Blockchain Association members back home. 



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