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The project offers high-powered solutions for portfolio management in a sleek ecosystem.

Tracking your assets

While cryptocurrency offers plenty of opportunities to make a profit, investors have to spend a lot of effort to keep track of everything. This includes monitoring assets, market trends, and other tedious activities.

The team behind MeoTools understands the difficulties of being an investor in cryptocurrency and facing the above problem every single day – so we’ve created an outstanding way to help investors maintain their portfolios with ease! is a powerful tracking dashboard with all in-one ecosystem. We are a multi-purpose product created to make your journey in the cryptocurrency space more convenient and easier. Users can keep an eye on their portfolio in real-time as well as follow other asset data such as price, trading volume, and liquidity. provide these functions because we understand that investors need data on their assets, the market, and other related information to make wise decisions. Having important data metrics helps optimize your profit and avoid potential losses. were born to help inform traders; you are granted access to our all-in-one platform where you can swap assets, track your portfolio, and set alerts for your risk management plan to keep your investment safe. have ensured your funds will be safe on our platform by holding 2 audits with CertiK and Techrate.

‍Use cases

  • Token explorer and token tracker
  • Token alerting
  • Swapping
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Governance
  • Mobile app

The MEO token

The MEO token is the center of the ecosystem. Currently, they are still working on developing the use case for this. In Q4 2021, investors can use MEO to access our advanced functions such as lower swap fees and a special alert feature.

In order to stabilize the price of MEO and contribute to the project, we apply a 7% tax to every transaction. Here’s the distribution on how we use the tax:

Redistribute to Holders (2%): Maintain relationship with the investor by adding more tokens when they hold MEO for long-term

Add to Liquidity Pool (4%): Helping maintain price stability and enhancing its value to avoid fluctuation.

Marketing/Development fund (1%): This fund will support us to gain more exposure and enhance our user experience.

Roadmap for 2022




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